CCI is a trusted institute undertaking professional media and communication training and research. CCI thereby contributes to increased and informed public participation in a democratic development process. Here are some courses that we provide:

–          Access to Information: aims to provide trainees with the solid understanding and experiences in requesting and accessing to the information in governmental organization. It brings with understanding public administration, legal and dispute resolution system in Cambodia, and relevant issues.


–          Investigative Reporting: aims to provide trainees with strong capacity in producing investigative journalism reporting. The course are more focusing on investigative technique, writing plan, collecting information, and producing the report.


–          Media Ethics: aims to provide trainees with the best moral and ethics of journalism by recognition through their information collection, news writing, reporting, and problem solving. The course is about journalism law, code of ethics, professional morality, and other discussions in journalism ethics.


–          Strategic communication & PR: In this core class of the program, we look at the work in public relations and advertising. Students examine frame- works for public relations, the planning and the implementation campaigns, image building for the company or organization, crisis communication, communication and PR law and the products of public relations such as media releases, advertising trade fairs product exhibition. How do we communicate with the public and the press? How do we bring our ideas across? How do we position our institute or company in the public debate? These are some of the question that the class will tackle, both in theory and in practical exercises.


–          Radio & TV Production: Preparing audio visual packages is one of the important, Yet challenging, tasks of PR and communication officers. With this well-tailored course. The participants will learn the core skills necessary to produce convincing radio and video contents on their own. Participants work allows students to familiarize them-selves with operating technical equipment and editing software as well as present their final work to invited media professional in class. Emphasis will be laid on creating pieces with clear massage by the use of solid production techniques.


–          Online Content Production & Social Media: This course is designed to teach participants the basic concepts and skills of multimedia and online platform for journalistic purposes. Student will be equipped with skills, both theoretical and technical parts, that they can tell social stories differently with various multimedia contents and elements: text, image, audio and video. It also covers techniques that participants can make the most of Social Media and other useful online tools for their prospective  careers in additional, this course will provide a platform for student to discuss the aspects of multimedia and social media in relation to its Importance, application, ethics and future.


–          Photography Skills & Graphic Design: This course introduces the basic photography skills and allows students a close look at photojournalism, including key strategies used in photo stories news photography and documentary photography. It also covers photo editing, photo selection, and laws and ethical question in photojournalism. To work in communication and Public Relation field, it is necessary to understand how to produce printing pieces for the institute such as newsletter. Adobe Photoshop is one of the professional software to enhance this skills for basic use in creating creative designs.


–          Khmer and English Writing for Media and Official Use: This course aims at improving the working journalists with Khmer language skills focusing on language structure, composition, grammar and syntax, and words and sentences usage. Khmer literature will also be introduced in this classroom. In this class, student will be given the opportunity to advance their English language skills. The focus will be on the kind of English that is essential for public Relations and Communication, as well as keeping up to date with the help of online media.

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Facebook Training 3 Weeks February 9, 2018